Licensed VS Unlicensed Rehabs In Thailand

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In Thailand there are lots of private rehabs for you to choose for your recovery. Out of all the rehabs for you to choose from there are only four that currently have a license. What does this mean? Does it make any difference? In our opinion it really doesnt matter and I will explain why.

What difference does having a license make?

The main argument the licensed rehabs put forward for why it is so important to have a license are they are more likely to have qualified staff and they have been checked by the Thai government to make sure they are safe and meet high quality standards (IF any of you have been to Thailand before you will know why this doesn’t make any difference). Now I have personally been to several rehabs in Thailand and I can assure you all of this makes no difference what so ever and is just a muse. I have been to ”licensed” rehabs and found that the staff are no better and sometimes not even as good as the staff at the unlicensed rehabs, they are no safer and the treatment programs are all very similar. To be quite clear about this without naming names if I had the choice to send myself or a family member to one of these rehabs my first choice would not be one of the currently licensed rehabs! I think the most important thing when choosing your recovery destination is the treatment, the genuineness of the staff in actually wanting to help you and the intentions of the people helping you with your recovery. In my opinion without naming names some of the rehabs only seem to care about making money and appearing to look like they are doing a good job, when in reality they are not! Therefore I don’t think having a license should influence which rehab you choose for your recovery, I think you would be much better choosing the one where the staff actually care about helping you and not just the profits that you bring. Of course every rehab facility is a business ran for profit and this is the same world wide. Some of them really do try their best to help and some just take your money and smile. The key to a successful treatment is knowing the difference between the two. If you would like my honest personal opinion as to which rehabs I think are the best and are a good choice please feel free to reach out to me and I will happily tell you some stories and what I honestly think.